Dating Is an Imposition

For those who have decided it is time to take a break from pursuing a relationship, their needs are often for a time when they can concentrate on their own life. They see dating as an imposition, and they resent the needs of others for them to be with a partner. Settling down might be something they still look forward to in the future, but their present is about being happy alone. They are not looking for emotional entanglements, and they want to make sure they are ready before tackling the world of dating once again.

Looking at the possibilities for relationships can be depressing, and those who have paused their emotional life have often found they have been settling for anyone. They can see there are changes they need to make in their own life before they can be part of a good relationship, but an outsider might not understand. Many loved ones believe the person is perfect just the way they are, so they do not see why their loved one is determined to cut themselves off from the possibility of finding a partner.

Wiser people understand it is better to be alone than with someone who is not quite right, and they often realize their energy has been drained by trying to make bad relationships work. Their need for emotional rest and relaxation should be respected, but it often is not by those who believe they should be happy only with a partner. Explanations might not work well, so simply refusing to discuss the topic at all might be the best way for them to approach it with loved ones.

A dating break might last a few months, but even a year or two might be best for those who want to ensure they find a worthy partner. If their loved ones continue to match them up with dates, they will eventually find a way to politely refuse as they get ready to resume their own dating plans.