Friends First Relationships

Many couples who have been uninterested in a long term commitment might find they are married with little idea of how they arrived at that place, but there is a good explanation for it. These people are generally sociable, and many of them have plenty of friends. Their life might be centered around a career, but that does not exclude them from going out for fun and entertainment. For those who have a wide circle, finding someone to be friends first might result in the formation of a steady relationship that will hold up well during the years to come.

Many societies today expect young singles to date at least a few different people before they settle into a relationship, and they believe it is an issue if they see one of them not dating at all. For this type of person, dating is often more of a hassle than they are prepared to face as they concentrate on other areas of their life. They still want to be able to socialize with others, so they tend to hold fast and cherish relationships with friends instead of lovers.

There are plenty of times when a date is considered a necessity for family gatherings, so the person uninterested in dating might feel comfortable asking a friend to accompany them. They will often take the time to let their loved ones know this person is not a date, and they will insist that no pressure be put on either one of them to have a relationship. Smart families will have learned it is best to accept the situation, so they will not push the couple to have a relationship.

After a few years, it might occur to this couple that they attend a great many family functions together as a couple. They could see that they share many of the same attitudes and future plans, and it could occur to them that they have an existing relationship. Expanding on it in a romantic vein might work out, and that is when they will find they have made the commitment to spend the rest of their lives together.