Ready to Start Fresh

For those who have found little but disappointment in their romantic relationships, taking a break can be an excellent idea. They can take the time they need to figure out what they are really seeking in a future spouse, or they might find they prefer life as a single person. If they are still willing to look for love and a relationship, they should wait until they are ready to start fresh before going out. Their friends and family might disapprove, but they should honor their loved one’s need for time.

Single people often find their loved ones are busy scouring the globe for a match, so those who have decided it is time to take a break could become frustrated when continually sidestepping offers of dates. Enforcing the break can take all the diplomacy they can muster, but it might end up being their anger that gets through. Almost no one likes to be told what to do with their life, and a personal relationship should remain a personal matter under any circumstances.

Children listen to fairy tales their parents read, and they often have dreams of their future spouse. They need to have realistic expectations because no one is perfect, and fairy tale endings seldom occur. While they are taking a break from dating, they need to define what they really want in a partner. Being stuck in the world of fantasy will do more harm than good, and they might never find anyone to suit them.

Dating on a regular basis can become tiring for those seeking a lifetime partner, and taking a break is a good way to regroup after many failures. They might need to push back hard when their loved ones refuse to accept their decision, but it is worthwhile if they are intent on ensuring they have the time they need to figure out what they really want. Those who get past the fairy tale images of a perfect life can resume dating with a new outlook that might lead them down the path of commitment.