Too Busy for Love

There are many different stages of life, and people do not always experience them at the same age. A teenager might find they are too busy for love when dealing with school, homework, employment, and even working for acceptance at a favored university. They might want a relationship, but there is little time for them to get out and date others. While this could be an expected part of life for a younger person, those who do not experience it until they have been married and divorced are not given quite the same latitude by their loved ones.

Any single adult can become the target of matchmaking by their family and friends, and claims of too much to do will hold little weight. People encourage them to put aside their own needs to find a partner, but this might make them more stubborn in the end. It could become a fight between the single person and their loved ones if everyone insisted they make a sacrifice for a relationship that does not yet exist.

Mature people not in a romantic relationship have found it offers many positives, and they might have finally discovered it gives them opportunities they have hoped for over the years. They might have spent decades sacrificing their own needs for a spouse and children, and they could believe it is time for them to do only what they want. Giving in to dating at the urging of loved ones could be seen as a burden, so their outlook could be to avoid them altogether.

Pushing adults to do something that does not interest them is often a losing battle, so waiting for a single friend or relative to be ready to date is the best way to handle the situation. It might seem they are wasting their life, but it is their choice.